Once on the quest of starting your online business, much knowledge is awaiting for you to learn it and different experiences are sitting on the road towards achieving your business goals. It is the way we all start. Excitement, fear and a sort of weird joy.

All these feelings mixed up to make the experience of getting started unique and unforgettable.

However, what you should be aware of at such an early stage, is the fact that this mixture of feelings might confuse your logical thinking at a time where you need it the most. And THAT is bad for business.

With your sense of judgment out of the equation, every training program,  paying course or automated system out there will present itself to you as a lifetime opportunity. And at most of the times, you’ll find yourself getting scammed in a way or another.

Nowadays, most marketers are able to make highly tempting offers. It is hard to just pass by without thinking to try your chances, and it’s even harder to tell if you’re standing in front of a legit or a fraud.  That’s why smart people ignore the smoke, and instead, they apply the golden rule:

Looking for a review.  

It’s a world where smart people win, and so you should be.

Smart people ask around and search before taking action, and so you should do.

So here is the deal, in order for you to understand the full potential of a good review I’ll break things down for you, starting with answering the following questions:



It’s the sort of articles that is dedicated to sharing information about different kinds of products and services provided either online or offline.

The thing about reviews is the help they provide you with in order to make it easier for you to decide whether or not the product is what you thought it was, what it seems to be and if it suits your needs or not.

You can find different reviews for one a single product.

Sometimes, very often when a product is still fresh on the market, you may not find it’s review. Which means you should wait until it’s tested and reviewed.

That being said, the following question takes place:



I’ve learned once that being a better person doesn’t necessarily depend on having the right answers to your questions,  rather, it is more about being able to ask the right questions.

In our case, to answer the question above, there is another question to be asked:


Why has the review been written in the first place? In other words, what are the reasons that made the author write the review in question?

As you might already now, reviewing is a good way to promoting products and services. A product that is reviewed positively will very likely meet great success.
But, what if the review isn’t totally honest with you? what if the author’s purpose is only promoting the product regardless of its quality or utility?

One thing for sure is that the “potential” success of the product will fall in no time. Because, even with the presence of misguiding reviews, honest ones will always be out there.

But, that doesn’t mean you’ll always stumble upon good reviews. Which makes you always at risk of being scammed (again and even after searching and getting informed!!)

So, in order for that to never happen, here is an article in which i give you multiple tips and signs that you can use to reveal the reasons behind any review.

Now that you know what this is all about, Let me introduce you to one of the most interesting segments within this site:


Within this section of  Earn Income For Being a Bit Smart, you’ll find our studies of services and products you might stumble upon along your online journey.

We are serious about our reviews as we put lots of time and effort into research and products testing. We simply dig for the legits and bring them to your doorstep! (It’s not that simple actually, kills my ass every time, lol)

When we stumble into interesting products and services, we share them with you, that’s on one hand. On the other hand, we make sure to spread awareness and warn people of products that turn to be fraudulent or unhelpful.

The special thing about our this sector is its accuracy, honesty, and interaction. We welcome thoughts for new review ideas and encourage our readers to share their experiences with the diversity of products and services they have tried.

If you’d like to know about the place that made the idea of this website possible for me, I’d recommend you to read this review. It’s about the Online university that taught me everything i know about online marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate. The community to which I’m grateful for all what I’ve become and the only program i would recommend knowing 100% that anyone who tries it will come back and say something in the lines of “thank you for saving my life” or “you gave me the chance i was waiting for to take off!”. 

After all, it is totally free to join, so you can try it for yourself. Nothing to lose, and the possibility of finding the real way towards success (a freaking good deal if you ask me).

So, Why not!! 

I do know how it feels being new and surrounded by all the shiny products that present themselves as great business opportunities. I want to help you seeing through the smoke and finding what suits you.

Wealthy Affiliate gave me the opportunity to help you guys, nothing less nothing more.

What i hope more than the most is that you find all the assistance you need in here. Remember we welcome your thoughts and experiences. The comments section below is made for you, US IT!

Other than that, I’ve got nothing left to say,

Take care, pay us a visit from time to time and BE SUCCESSFUL!