Discover why you should start an online business and how.

In this page we’ll be discussing financial freedom, how is it possible for everyone and how you can reach it.

Before to start, I’d like you to watch this short video by Stuart Ross, talking about the biggest advantage he got out of having an online business. Enjoy!

The way I see it,

 Traditional employment, A HIDEOUS TRAP.

Since childhood, we were taught that in order to get some good money we’ll need to get a well-paying job first.

As it is all around the world, getting a good job demands lots of studies, hard work and the worst of all, sacrificing many years of our young age.

Let alone that in most cases, the job in question is not exactly made to fit our expectations and it surely doesn’t represent our life dreams.(not in all cases, but true for the most)


It means being your own boss, deciding when to work, where and how.

When you no longer have money problems, you are able to explore your full potential.

You beat the limits that surrounded you once and hit the road that will take you to realizing your inner perfection, your reason for being and thus making your dreams come true.

Within our time, it is called Entrepreneurship.

So, which do you prefer?

Going the traditional way, getting your life ruled by a company’s schedule.

One that puts boundaries around all your movements, making you, as a result, nominated of freedom only on rare occasions such as holidays and free times if you’re lucky enough to have them.


Going the smart way, seeking ways that could lead to your financial freedom.

And even if you already have an employment, doing so increases the chances of that resigning email being written very soon 😉 (at least before your head starts turning gray)

That being said, i find myself bound to answer your most predictable question:

How can we reach this so-called ” Financial Freedom”  from our current positions in life? 

That, my dear friend, is what this website is made for.
  • First, making you aware of the possibility of being independently wealthy,
  • Then, walking you through the different processes that can lead to such achieve financial freedom strong and steady,
  • And finally helping you along the way by providing fresh info and answering all your questions about the subject of matter.

Anyway, that was just a little reminder of our goals within Earn Income For Being a Bit Smart and that you must never feel lonely on your online journey 🙂

Now about answering the BIG question above.

I’ve been thinking of a diversity of ways that can make it possible for you to be your own supervisor for the rest of your life 😉

Yes, you read it well, it’s not a one-way trip.

There are many roads you can take, ones on which I’ll be writing several posts with all the necessary details you’ll ever need to know along with light, digestible and executable steps.

But for now, I’ll just give you an insight into the way I’m using personally, how it worked for me and how much it cost me both money and time to reaching success.

So, I think all of you guys know that every online business needs a website to get started.

By the way, if you feel like wanting to know more about why websites are so essential to the process of starting an online business, just go here and you’ll find all the necessary details.

Once your site is ready to go, you’ll need to find ways to monetize it.

You might think I’m skipping some details here, like how to set up your website? what is it gonna be about? who’s gonna care for what you have to say? and will you be able to go through all of this alone?

But don’t worry, if you feel overwhelmed with questions and that you’re missing the whole concept, just read this article and you’ll find the answers to all the questions above and more 🙂

So, I was saying that you’ll need to monetize your website.

In order to do that, people usually go from as simple as displaying Google ads to more advanced ways like creating digital products such as ebooks or services such as consulting…

All these ways are good to go with.

But if you’d ask what I think, I’d say that something like Google ads won’t work unless you already have a large audience (you website visitors), which is not the case.

And making products or offering services needs more time and experience than what a beginner can manage.

You’d say, “then, what would you suggest Mr smart-ass?!”

Well, my dear, the answer is as short as “Affiliate Marketing”.

Knowing the answer probably brings more interesting questions to mind:

But what is this “Affiliate Marketing” ? and what is it that makes it so special compared to other marketing techniques?


Here is the thing, now i ain’t gonna talk about affiliate marketing in depth.

I’m simply going to tell you (concisely) how it works, how i end up using it and why i think it’s the most reasonable way to start with.

That being said, bear with me for one last tiny minute.

Oh, and feel free to read my article on how to start affiliate marketing for beginners if you’re interested to know how the concept works in a more detailed way.

Back to the question.

What makes Affiliate Marketing perfect for new marketers is its simplicity and flexibility.

You see, in order to walk into the online marketing world, having something to offer is a necessity.

It might be information products such as articles and e-books or material products depending on which field you’re into.

I started in the same way everybody does.

I chose a niche (a subject to write about), built a new website and started posting articles that would be of interest to my audience.

All thanks to the best online university and the lifetime opportunity i stumbled upon.

I actually did have already established websites back then, but you can say things were going at a slow pace as the competition out there was ruthless.

However, and after a little while, things started to get off the ground thanks to the Wealthy Affiliate’s help.

Wealthy Affiliate University


Highly experienced members of that university gave me feedback, read my articles and most of the times they left comments on my site(which is cool by the way 😉 )

After that, I thought it was time to take my business to the next level.

So, rather than just writing articles, I decided to start testing products and find ones that would help my readers and increase my profits at the same time.

Within this University, the most common thing to do was to start practicing  Affiliate Marketing.

It is the little magical way that saves you time, provides you with products, shipping means and relieves you from all customer related problems.

In other words, since you are a new marketer without enough experience to make your own products, you are going to promote someone else’s products.

And in return, for every product you sell, you get a percentage of its price anywhere from 5% to 50% depending on the offer provided by the product’s owner.

All you have to do is putting the affiliate products within the right posts and describe their value for your readers.

And always bear in mind that the quality of the products you’re promoting is the key to your Affiliate Marketing Success.Always use quality affiliate products for your business

So make sure you tested all the products before promoting.

Guess the term “Affiliate Marketing” makes sense to you now (at least), and you know why it’s the best option out there to start with.

That being said, i bet you guys are now aware of why you should start an online business and how to do that in the best way possible.

Just in case you’d like to follow the same path as myself, I’d recommend you to join Wealthy Affiliate.

If you wish to try, you can always start by creating a free account and see how it works for you.


I’m sure it’ll blow your mind!

Nevertheless, go ahead and try, you’ve got nothing to lose, plus, it could be your chance to start seeing some real results online, so why not?!

And who knows, maybe a week from now I’ll catch you up hanging around with Premium members!

Feel free to visit my Wealthy Affiliate review –What is the Wealthy Affiliate University about?

I hope my article about why you should start an online business and how was fulfilling.

However, we are here to help, and we’re happy every time we succeed at doing that!

Hence, you’re more than welcome to ask whatever question you might have in mind, and I’ll gladly answer each one of them 😉

Let us know what’s on your mind below within the comments section 🙂

Take care!