On this page, I’ll walk you through all that you need to know in order to learn how to start an online business for free and LITERALLY from scratch.

The goal of this article is to give you key points to launch an online business from a very realistic perspective.

If you’re one of the folks sniffing around for getting rich overnight methods, well, I wouldn’t recommend you to waste your time reading this. Sorry!

However, if you’re already aware that nothing is done that quickly, I warmly WELCOME you to my website and I PROMISE you that by the end of this article you’ll have a crystal-clear idea of your next step online.

  • It’s time for you to start an online business –your online business!- so what do you think this is gonna be about?

How to Start an Online Business for Free

Well, it pretty much depends on what you already know, and since i have no idea about that, I’ll just take you for someone who’s new to this whole making money online thing.

First, here is a quick introductory video giving a general answer to what is an online business.

So here is the thing, for me, you have absolutely no idea about how to start an online business.

let alone how to start an online business for free!

Sounds good?

And heey, don’t worry if you already have some or even lots of knowledge about the subject of matter, I promise you’ll find many valuable pieces of info within this article.

Hence, just hang on and read it in its entity to get the most out of it, thus, whether discovering the first steps to start your online business or scaling up what you already know.

Now, you must be wondering,


That’s the billion dollar question, the one that is making people so frustrated about starting their online journeys.

They just don’t know, and can’t tell what it’s really about; a thing that is so normal due to the fact that most of the guys out there have daily jobs that demand considerable efforts to get paid at the end of each month.a guy frustrated due to loads of office work, and obviously has no idea how to start an online business

The idea of making an income doing something  as comfortable as blogging doesn’t seem to be so BELIEVABLE for someone in their shoes, and we’re practically talking about all workers, especially non-satisfied ones (come on … who is?!)

Lots of suffering folks, right?

Life can be unfair to many of us, but that doesn’t mean in any way that we’re condemned to what was given to us in the first place, or to whatever situation we’re currently living.

Now, to unlock your way towards new opportunities and chances given by the wide online world, we’ll have to unlock your understanding first. So sit tight, and let me explain how this latter works.

When talking about the online market, what never comes to our mind is the thought that it might be similar to the offline one, with only slight differences. It’s very simple, let’s make a fast comparison.

-Offline Market: service providers, products, costumers in need for the provided service.

-Online Market: service providers, products, costumers in need for the provided service.

SAME?Illustrating books that seem to be simillar but aren't, just like the case of offline and online business

Hold on there for a moment, it’s not quite exactly how it seems.

As you can see, it might be true that same components apply to both markets, but what most people fail to point out is the following:

-Offline business: limited number of customers, production costs, employees costs (plus their personal problems!), storage space and its costs, high taxes;

-Online business: Merely 50% of earth’s population (more than 3 billion people of which lots are familiarized with online shopping ) are online customers.


The costs are null bro!

No storage, no employees, no production costs; no nothing!! (few well spend dollars would do the job just fine 😉 )

In case you still don’t get the full picture, here is a video I found that does a great job showing you these differences. Enjoy!

That’s what makes the online business model so profitable and eventually, available for anyone with access to an internet connection, at anywhere around the world.

It doesn’t matter what you’re offering as long as it’s needed by a specific public out there, and the good news is that, nowadays, pretty much anything you can think of is on demand.

Audiences are just getting wider and more diverse every single day.

Moreover, every product you put on the internet gets 24/7 exposure, no matter where you are or what you’re doing the day long, and hat’s the ultimate freedom the online world can provide you.

A text highlighted in a tablet saying, Business Opportunity
The basic rule in this opportunity universe is simple.

“Get paid for the valuable info you’re providing your audience with.”

Yes, it’s that simple!

Hope the picture started getting clearer now.

If that’s not the case, things are still blurred or there’s something that’s not quite clear yet, i would welcome you to sate it in the comments section beneath.

Be sure, our main goal is to help you guys understand!

Understanding is crucial for our minds when starting something new.

It makes us confident about it, and even more determined, for the simple reason that we actually KNOW what it is about.
So don’t hesitate mate! No matter how silly the question seems, just write it below.

Now, back to the topic.

Let’s assume you’ve got it all figured out, but still, you always find yourself doubting the possibility of an online business coming true.


Let me tell you a little something i know about DOUBT.

It’s a fatal enemy for one’s dreams.

It’s certainly necessary when going through the first steps of seeking any given goal, but once there is enough evidence proving the credibility of what you’re seeking, you must know that any uncertainty that follows is a reflection of your weakness and a sign of bad attitude towards achieving your goals and dreams.

A warning saying that doubt is to be eliminated, ( it could stop you from starting your online business)

But, who knows, you might have been under a rock for the last decade, a thing that made you unaware of all these EXISTING online entrepreneurs all around the world, making incomes anywhere from 10s to 100s thousands of dollars every single month!

All screaming out loud “We Were Just Like You Once; You Can Do it, Everybody Can…Just Put In The Work!!”

That, or maybe you’re one of the genius guys who figured out “This Online Business Thing Doesn’t Work…..Because…Euuuuh…GH JHH MMM”

I mean, the poor fellows have a point!

They worked for MORE than 5 mins a day, for a whole WEEK! But it appeared to be just a waste of time.

You should eliminate execuses to be able start your online business

Yeah, they absolutely have something to say!!

I’ll just assume you’re not one of those; after all, dumb guys never end up on such cool sites 😉 LOL

Anyway, let’s get back to the main discussion, shall we?

A little sum-up never hurts.

So we talked about the concept of making money online, how it works and that it’s available for everyone.

Doesn’t matter if you’re looking forward to building a full-time online business or you’ll be happy just for getting some extra cash for daily groceries.  It’s up to you, and the common thing is you’ll be the winner in both cases.

We pointed out that it’s profitability is due to the wide audience and the continuous exposure it provides you with, without forgetting about all the costs it enables you to save compared to traditional offline businesses.

That being said, remains to figure out the HOW TO DO part.

To proceed in this direction, the must be asked question is the following:


I must admit that learning how to establish your online business from ground zero can cause a great deal of frustration.

Especially when going on one’s own, which’s fortunately not the case for you pal!

So cheer up and follow ahead.

It’s time to learn!


A guy highlighting that you should go through a learning process before starting your online business

As obvious as it is, you surely are a regular “web user”.

It’s certain that you came across and explored different websites while navigating around searching for different info within a diversity of fields.( to learn more about websites click here)

Now lets put you in the shoes of the ones promoting the info.

You feel confident about your experiences in a well-defined domain that you decided to share your knowledge with the world.

That gives us the first critical component to start any blogging business, which is:

+What To Write About, 

Or the so-called “NICHE” within the blogging world.

A niche, or what your online business will be about

The magic thing about online business is the ability to get paid for the knowledge you have, in this large marketplace, what you know is of a high value to others, it’s just a matter of how to provide it to the people in its need.

Which takes us to the second elementary thing you’ll be needing. A platform to display your content, one that is well known, and accessible for all internet users. It’s probably the most common word used by all web users:

+A Website, 

Whether you’re looking for Japanese recipes, how to use your brand new smart tv or just a different way to tie your shoe laces,  you’ll probably find yourself reading an article posted on someone’s WEBSITE.Building a website is necessary to start an online business

No simpler thing exists, create your new website (you can do it here, for FREE) and start posting right away.

Once your site is up and ready to work, you should ask yourself  “Since I’m not the only one posting out there, how do i make sure that my content will be found by others instead of someone else’s content??”

A good question indeed.

And i can’t find a more convenient answer than:

 +Scaling your business, 

In other words, taking your blog to the next level of the game.

This is the part where the hard work comes in as you must learn techniques and discover new tactics to put your content on the front lines of search engines, get more traffic, exposure, and thus making more profit.

Now let’s assume you found out the right niche, you created a website, and learned how to deal with the website.

Things that can take you a while to go through, considering the different issues that might get on your way, whether technical or lack of understanding kind of problems.

Let’s say you came through all that, and here you are, owning your much-awaited blog!

Remains to answer the following question, will you be able to scale it enough to get the results you’re seeking?


the process from starting a business to scaling it and the different levels

I must admit that this is the most disturbing question along the way of building a successful online business.

Lots of people reach the point where they have a running blog and a dozen of posted articles, but still, no results appear.

Most of them start DOUBTING themselves and take their failure on such a basis that it’s their fault.

As a result, they end up quitting the whole thing, after lots of hard work and sacrificed time.

Some even spend their money paying for training programs, which is a good idea, but the majority of these programs are less legit than how they seem and most of the time, they turn out to be just cheap scams targeting your pocket.

I’m not saying you can’t do it on your own!

All I’m trying to focus on is that such road can take you a great deal of time to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

People did it the hard way before, it took’em years to succeed, not to mention that only a few survived.

But if you were interested in finding help to achieve your marketing goals faster and in a highly more efficient way, I’d be glad to introduce you to:


I know it sounds odd, but yes; it’s absolutely for free!

You’d be like, come on!

There’s nothing that good for FREE!!

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 With such unlimited resources, sky is the limit!!

So, it’s simple.

Not sure enough, Go for free, and try it for yourself.

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I believe that by now you have a full understanding of how to start an online business for free and on your own.

Anything you might have in mind is very welcomed in the comments section.

Let me know what you think, and I’ll let you know what I think 😀