What is the wealthy affiliate free membership about?


Earlier, we revealed what is the Wealthy Affiliate University about. Now it’s time find out “what is the Wealthy Affiliate free membership about?”

As we’ve seen together in the previous part of this review, Wealthy Affiliate declares itself to be a community more of it than being just an ordinary program.

Wealthy Affiliate community

They highlight their spirit of co-operation (including the co-founders) and believe that it can REALLY help new members reach success no matter what.

Here is a short video I found that gives a little summary on the Wealthy Affiliate’s free membership.

Now that you know what is Wealthy Affiliate, and that it doesn’t seem to be a scam, you’re encouraged and it seems like joining right now is the absolute right thing to do!

Nevertheless, in order to help you make the right decision, I chose to dive deeper and give you and up to date review of what this institute has to offer you as a fresh online marketer.

What is the wealthy affiliate free membership about?

Let us start the Second Phase of our review then!


Before getting into that I’d like you to know that one of my “Reviewing Key Principles” is stating at the start of each study whether or not I’ve tried the product in question.

So what you’re about to read right now is an honest and pure statement describing the real value of this program since it is a tried one.

Put in mind that I’ll try to be as objective as possible, and at the end of each paragraph, I’ll share my personal opinion with those of you who might be interested.

Sounds good?

Now, about the starter membership.

First and foremost, what you should know is that it’s totally free!!
The wealthy affiliate's starter membership
No credit card, no monthly commitment and it’s available for a lifetime. Just a simple registration is enough to get started. (Yes it’s very uncommon! I know, but it’s true..)

Still, in order to answer our main question: “What  is  the  0$  Starter  Membership  all  About?” , we’ll have to go deeper inside what this membership has to offer.

Therefore, here is a list of what you’ll find inside The Starter Membership:

1-The Online Entrepreneur Certification Course: 

It is a course made to teach you the basics of online marketing (considering that you know nothing about this profession).

free online certifcation course from Wealthy Affiliate

This ten lessons course is very powerful in the way that it makes you aware of what you’re into? what sort of activities you’ll be doing? and most important of all guiding you, literally, step by step to creating and setting up your very first website.

Here are the lessons included: Wealthy affiliate's lessons from course 1

Here is what you’ll get out of them:Benifits from the first level of the online certification course in Wealthy Affiliate's free membership

At the end of each lesson, you’ll always find a To Do list waiting for you, and that is just cool!!

I mean, I don’t know about you, but I’ve already tried gazillions of online programs in which I was stuck and not knowing what to do after each course!! (every time, it was like … Aaaah, damn!)Check list from a course in Wealthy Affiliate's free membership

Having checklists along each training means two things:

  • The lessons are applicable. In other words, you really have something to work on, not just some theoretical stuff talking about success, that you can do it and that you are the ONE … BlaBlaBla, letting you at the end thinking “Have I been scammed again?… shit! It’s true,”
  • You can go through the materials faster. Most members get the first 10 lessons done anywhere from 10 to 20 days at most.

There is as well a fabulous feature I forgot to mention,

For each lesson, there is an ongoing discussion where you can ask all the questions you might have in mind about problems you encountered while applying the content and basically anything else you might want to ask about.

a discussion thread pic from Wealthy Affiliate's free membership


Just by going through the discussions, reading what members have been asking and what insights they had through that lesson, you can learn a lot!


Sometimes you’re in to post a question, but only through reading, you find out that you’re not the only one, and that answers are already there.


What I like the most about this feature, is that, through getting help and helping others, you become more social.

And the most interesting part is the fact that you’ll  be making new friends every time you socialize. (Ones that share your same enthusiasm about succeeding online.)

Now that’s something valuable!

(Plus, It’s freaking great to become friends with someone from a country you’re planning to visit. It means you have a free guide and someone you actually know over there, which is ..just….  AWESOME!!)

-Wanna know what I think about The Online Entrepreneur Certification Course?

Well, I’ll just put it this way.

Through my humble experience around the online world and all the stuff that I have tried, I can tell it to you this way, plain and simple:

You’ll never find something better than this to help you start your journey. It’s just, perfect.


Other than all the things I just mentioned, allow me to remind you that it’s freaking FREE! 

I mean you’re privileged to do whatever you want, but something like this is what I call an OPPORTUNITY. (After all, you’ve got nothing to lose!)

-One more thing:

If you share my same thought that the course above is a shiny piece of its own, well let me tell you that you’ll be surprised just like myself when I found out that it’s only a shiny piece within a larger collection!

Four other courses of a similar quality exist! They are a privilege reserved for the premium members. And believe me, they worth every dime!

Don’t want to be a spoiler, so I’ll let you discover what they’re all about once we get to the Premium Membership Review.

Now, you might be thinking “Wait a minute, maybe this course is included in the free membership, but what about the website, will I have to pay for that?”

Permit me to bring to your attention that the starter membership of the Wealthy Affiliate community offers you,

2-Two Free Websites: 

If there is something I’ve learned while hanging out inside of the Wealthy Affiliate community, it is that they do care about you applying all the knowledge they provide you with.

So in order to be able to execute all the tasks within the Online Entrepreneur Certification course, these guys give you access to their WordPress Express website builder. (which’s  freaking cool!)

Wealthy Affiliate's free site builder

From there, you have the ability to build not only one website but actually two! And both are hosted for absolutely nothing!!

-What do I think?

Well, I don’t know about you, but I simply believe that it is generous enough to make anyone with a clear sense of opportunity want to join without giving it much thought.

I mean, it’s obvious that these guys made their program to help, and this Free Membership is apparently some sort of a gift, manifesting their good intentions. (or at least, that’s how I see it..)

Good intentions lead to happy endings

Nevertheless, I bet you can’t stop asking yourself,  “But is that all? a 20 days course, applying it on my new website, and then it’s over? You said above that this membership is available all the time, but what for, then??”

Well, my dear friend, permit me to introduce you to the third feature:

3-Blogs & Training: 

It’s one of the most creative stuff I have ever stumbled upon on the online universe.

At first, I found it hard to believe, but once inside there was no doubt!

I mean, these guys do not fool around, and if you already started thinking that this FREE membership is really something of a value, I’d simply admit that there is nothing wrong about that!

Here is the deal,

You literally have access to THOUSANDS of blogs and Pieces of training covering almost any tiny detail you might ever think of, and every problem you might ever stumble upon along the way of building your online business!!

Want to see what I’m talking about?

Here you go,

An example for a blog post writen by a Wealthy Affiliate's member


This just one example.

They exist thousands of other pieces of training, and YES they’re for FREE!!!

You know, I just can’t stop insisting on you that all these stuff is for free. I mean, look above, these guys are offering some precious content and asking you nothing for it.

Don’t believe it? Go ahead right now, register, write the word “website” or (whatever you want) on the search bar and,

See how much content you’ll get!


Using the search bar at Wealthy Affiliate's free membership


Anyways, now let’s talk about that feeling we all get every now and then when we start thinking about possibilities.

Will this work for me? Do I have what it takes to succeed? Is it even possible this so-called “Success”?

And here comes what the members of Wealthy Affiliate call “Success Blogs”. (Just get used to this pal, this Wealthy Affiliate community has some stuff you never heard of, this is how it is! and it’ll keep going like this until the end of this review)

Success blogs are a great weapon when you feel down. They either tell a success story of one of the members, give you advice about success or just remind you that you can do it! 

Check these out, (click to see the full-size)



I know, I know…..This stuff is unusual, but…. that’s how it looks like from the inside!!

This time, I won’t tell you what I think,

– I’ll just refresh your memory:
Let me remind you, dear friend, we’re still talking about the free membership here, and we’re still only on the third feature that Wealthy Affiliate Starter’s membership has to offer. The starter membership has no time restrictions, once in, it’s yours for a lifetime and it’s only one click away!

Regardless, I can tell that your brain is trying to figure out “But what is the source of all of this content? They can’t hire hundreds of writers, and simply give all the written value for free?”

Anyhow, the answer to your question lies within the fourth feature:

4-The Ability to Create:

Training programs around the web offer you standard written courses, video courses (rarely updated) and in some cases (if you’re lucky enough) they give you a chance of interacting in a limited way, which is “contacting the support office” or whatever they call it (Yeah, miracles happen when they respond, wait…do they?!).

Personally, I would die a to know why they insist on treating the customer like he knows nothing and that their ways are so sacred that they don’t even need to know anyone’s opinions!

But as we are getting used to it along this review, Wealthy Affiliate always makes the exception!

It’s the first time ever that I find out about the existence of an online program that really gives you the opportunity to interact in such a way. It’s simply outstanding.

Within this University, all the members are able to create:


A Blog Post:

The blogging platform within the Wealthy Affiliate's free membership


A Question:

The questions platform within the Wealthy Affiliate's free membership

Oops, Ayoub is my real name. Aydo is my pen name (Shh….Keep it secret guys 😉 !! Lol)

And to give you a clearer idea, here is a question I posted some time ago, check it out (here) to better understand what I’m talking about.

Back to the review,

There is as well the ability to create a training, but it’s reserved for more experienced members. You have to be at least 3-5 months old and on premium.

Some folks have been members for more than ten years!

Their experience in the field is outstanding, and the pieces of training they make are very comprehensive for the simple reason that they remember how being a starter feels like.

We’ve already had an idea on how blogs look like within Wealthy Affiliate. All there is to add is that members can comment on your blog, like it and even share it.

And they know how to answer your questions so that you perfectly understand what’s going on.

-About the Questions Platform, the concept is simple,

When you have a problem, you can post a question using the platform above.

Here is how it looks: (click to see the full-size)


An example for a question


As you can see, you have the ability to ask whatever you want, and within each question thread, there is the comments section where other members can answer and share their opinions. (there’s always someone who has the answer! that’s something for sure.)

Guess by now, you figured out the explanation to “where all the content is coming from?”

However, you might still be thinking something in the lines of “But, what if I had a problem to which I need an immediate solution? Is it possible to get that kind of help?”

Although I don’t think such problems exist, (i also think you’re taking it too far, asking for this much for free! :p ) I still have an answer to your question.

Indeed, it is the fifth feature we’ll be talking about in this review,

5-The Live Chat: 

Before to start, you should know that this is the only feature in the list that is time restricted, and as a free member, you have access to the Live Chat only for the first 7 days.

Still, I’ll explain to you how it works so that you get the most out of it in the period of time of its accessibility.

Let’s get to it then,

As you might have already figured out, Wealthy Affiliate is an extremely interactive place.

So, you won’t be very surprised to know that a 24/7 Chat is one of its features. Rather, what should surprise you is that they’re handing it over to you for FREE!

700,000 members from all around the world is a lot! And it’s the reason why you’ll always be able to find people in there to help right away.

Sometimes you get an answer in less than 30 seconds.

It’s as simple as this:

When members need help,

-It is highlighted like this,


From there, it’s simple,

-If you got an answer, you write it down,

The live chat feature of Wealthy Affiliate

 Marvelous isn’t’ it!!

I don’t know if there is any program out there giving such relevant stuff without asking for a single dollar.

But what I know for sure is that I’ll never be able to mention the word “free” in any review to come more than I did in this one.

Anyhow, you should know that the live chat is a great way to get decent discussions about whatever subjects you have on mind.

Members share their thoughts, say Hi to each other and socialize in an incredible way.

Noobs learning from experts in the funniest of ways.

-What I personally like the most is this,

If you get along with someone while chatting, you can check his profile, follow him and even write on his profile.

When I reflect on it, I can’t ignore the thought that this place feels like a Facebook version for Super Nice Entrepreneurs!! Lol

Even Kyle & Carson hang out here most of the time!! (they’re MILLIONAIRES Dude, They help you personally…it’s hard to believe buddy, even when you’re experiencing it!)

Here is Kyle interacting in the live chat,


Kyle, the founder of Wealthy Affiliate's interacting with other members

I mean, aren’t there any limitations in this Place!! (Premium members can even contact Kyle & Carson privately! Here is it’s review)

My keyboard got tired of me pressing the exclamation button, and I’ve got tired of going from a feature to the next like they’ll never end! (here I did it again! Oops, I should stop doing that.)

Fortunately (for me :p) we finally reached the last feature within the Starter Membership,

6-The Wealthy Affiliate AFFILIATE Program: 

Yes, it is real.

Wealthy Affiliate offers you an affiliate program even if you’re on the Starter Membership. (to know more about affiliate marketing read this article)

You get the privilege to invite people you know to join Wealthy Affiliate.

And Even though you pay nothing for your starter membership, if someone you invited goes Premium, you get paid for him either every month or every year he stays a member!

Wealthy Affiliate's free membership affiliate commissions


It’s simple, get your affiliate link, share it with people who might be interested in this opportunity, in your articles or on social media. (Just like the way my link is spread all around this article 😉 )

Once someone registers following your link and goes Premium, BOOM, you EARN commission.

11.75$ for every month your referral is still premium, and 87.50$ for every year he’s premium, of course depending on whether he went for the monthly or yearly offer (For starter members you recruit, you get 2 credits which equal one dollar.)

You have no idea how to promote Wealthy Affiliate?

If I were you, I wouldn’t worry about that.

For the folks who are interested in promoting the Community to earn some money and don’t know how. Wealthy Affiliate got them covered!

There is a course called Affiliate Bootcamp that’s gonna teach you all you need to know,

See, these guys miss nothing!!

For a moment I thought that I was finally over with this review, but a little voice ringed in my ear saying, “Hey, nothing’s perfect, dude, and there are no exceptions to this rule!” 

A friend told it to me once, and it just turns to be damn right every time!

Even for this little piece of heaven we’ve been talking about, there is a little dark point that’ll chase off the sparkle of perfection.

-Too Much of Anything is Good for Nothing: 

This one, you should read it carefully my friend.

Certainly, Wealthy  Affiliate is no scam and it has a lot to offer.

But through personal experience, I can tell you that having too much knowledge at hand can hurt your progression, overwhelm you and even obstruct you at some point of the journey.

A student confused with the huge loads of info like you might get with what the Wealthy Affiliate's membership is offering

With the huge amounts of resources provided to you at Wealthy Affiliate, you might get confused easily,

Overloads of data can kill your productivity, distract you away from your goals and make you feel like you can’t get anything accomplished at all!

What happens, in fact, is that your curiosity takes you through lots of blogs and from a training to another until you can no more assimilate what you should do and no longer have sight of where is your position within all the noise!

That’s why, dear mate, I recommend you to follow these simple tips:

+Before starting your day, always make a plan. Note what you want to learn for the day, and stick to it,

+Have a little paper at your side all the time. Whenever you remember something or want to check anything that doesn’t figure on your list, write it down and add it to the next day’s list,

+At the end of each day, sit with yourself and ask: “Was this a productive day?”,

+Focus on what you’re doing at the moment,

+Remember always that everything is learned step by step and nothing comes overnight.

If you stick to the list above, I’m sure you’ll do just fine!

Yet, there is something else that tells me, even if you couldn’t follow these simple tips, you’ll still be able to make it.

This is something I didn’t want to include with the other features, as I think it’s a bit more personal.

-Once inside, you’ll be getting my personal assistance: 

To be honest, the free membership is already unique enough to make you want to join even before you finish reading this review.

However, and in order to make you feel even more comfortable, I want you to know that you’ll find me waiting for you on the inside.

As a starter member, you’ll get my personal support for the first 7 days of your lifetime starter membership (as I’m the member who got you in).

I'll be your business coach for the first week within your free membership ;)

You might be thinking, “but it would’ve been cooler if we were to stay in touch for a longer period!”

Well, I don’t know about that, my friend, we might meet on the live chat or a comments thread about a training or something, but it’ll not be 1-on-1.

One thing I know for sure is that 7 days is quite enough for me to teach you a whole bunch of useful stuff and most important of all, setting you on the right track depending on your level and your schedule!

Of course, there is always the comments section on my site 😉 , but getting a bit of privacy would make our interaction more productive, don’t you think?

By the way, here is a video by one of my Wealthy Affiliate’s friends.

Chloe talks about the free membership and takes you around the Wealthy Affiliate platform and talk about the free membership.

Watch it to get an idea of how it is to navigate around the platform. Enjoy!

Anyways, I guess this review came to its end, and I hope you guys got some fulfilling answers to your questions and doubts about what is the Wealthy Affiliate 0$ membership about?

But wait for there for minute,

Well, at least those of who are wondering, “If all of this is offered for free, what’s left then for the Premium Membership??!”

Allow me then to introduce you to the Final Phase of our Wealthy Affiliate review,


Is It Real that with the Premium Membership, Sky is The Limit?


Just to get you a bit more excited, In the Final Phase, I’m including a special offer (first month only) for the serious folks interested in the Premium Membership 😉

It is is a privilege for my readers, as I decided to sacrifice a share my profits and encourage you guys to try the Premium Membership (What you get as a premium is..just….. insane!).

Don’t wanna spoil it for you, so go ahead and check it out for yourselves. (at the end of that post)

Other than that, I thank you for reading this article, and I hope you’re no longer wondering What is the Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership about.

Anything you might have in mind is very welcomed in the comments section below. Just don’t hesitate! (i”ll gladly respond to what you have to say 🙂 )

Share this if you found it useful 😉

See you on the Final Phase!


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