What is the wealthy affiliate premium membership about?

Previously, we discussed what is the Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership about. Now we answer, “What is the Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership about?”

We concluded together that the starter membership has some incredible features of a very high value, thus, at a certain point, we realized how unique their free offer is.

A second after that, another cognizance took place.

If all the features presented in Phase Two were for free, what kind of value will you get access to inside Wealthy Affiliate’s Premium Membership?

In order to answer this question, I’ll start with giving you a table that summarizes the differences between the Starter Membership and the Premium Membership of Wealthy Affiliate,

Now that you have an idea of what you’re into, let me walk you through the details.

Shall We?

So here is a list of the different peculiarities that makes Wealthy Affiliate’s Premium Membership worth the 49$/Mth:

1-Limited starter features are unlimited here

Remember the Live Chat and the 1-on-1 coaching that were available for you only for the first 7 days as a starter?

Well, no more counting!

As a premium member, all the time is yours.

You get access to the Live Chat 24/7,

The Live Chat as we’ve already discussed on the Starter Membership review, is an incredibly helpful feature.

It’s the tool that gets you help in the most inconvenient times of the day, when you’re in a rush and without delays,

You make new friends in the process,

And most interesting of all is that it scales your social and professional communication skills without you being aware of it!

Next thing is,

My continuous support and assistance,

Inside the Premium Membership of Wealthy Affiliate, I’m your personal teacher, coach or call it whatever you want!

What matters is that I’m always there for you, watching you grow over time and looking out for you to ensure your online success.

When it comes to this, I surely do take it personally, and I do it in my way!

-I assist you while building your website (choosing your domain name, your niche, setting up your plugins…),

-I proofread your articles, give you my opinion, and help you scale your writing skills and style,

-I help you set your goals depending on your level of experience and your schedule,

-I give you feedback on your website,

-I tell you happy birthday when it’s your birthday! Lol (talking seriously! I easily make new friends 😉 ),

-Pretty much anything else you might need that I can provide.

Sounds good?

Let’s move on then and see what’s next on the list,

2-Amplified Starter Features: 

It is sure that the free membership included some great opportunities, such as the two free websites and the affiliate program.

You thought is was enough,

Well maybe as a starter, but once a premium member things get a bit amplified in here.



The two websites become,

50 websites,

Of which 25 are free and the rest are domains you can purchase.

All hosted for free. You only pay for the domain name (usually costs 13 to 17$ per year).

What we’ve got next is,

Doubled affiliate commissions,


It’s all two times what it used to be,

In the premium membership, stuff gets crazier, and I must admit, Wealthy Affiliate knows how to make it hard for other programs to even think of competing against it.

I mean, give it a bit of thought,

You go premium> invite two people> they fall in love with Wealthy Affiliate (which is very reasonable and highly expected)> they go premium> you earn 23.50$ per each.

And there you go. You no longer need to pay for the premium membership! (Your referrals pay it for you….ain’t that cool!!)

The best part of the whole process is that your referrals will be always grateful for you as you’re the one who introduced them to Wealthy Affiliate.

If you think that’s great, wait on to see what this list is still hiding for you,

3-The lone website builder is now a part of a fully functioning suit: 

Remember the humble solitary site builder you had access to while being a starter?

Well, It’s not alone anymore,

As you can see, you now have a full website suite at hand.

It’s the SiteRubix Website Suite.

Now, let me give you a little idea about each of the platforms within this latter:

-The Site Manager: site manager is your window to your different websites. It enables you the following:

 +To log in automatically to your website,

+Check the last time, you backed up and updated your website,

+Check the number of posts and pages on your website,

+Check the number of approved and pending comments,

+Check on your site health (level of trust, publishing freq, content quality….).

-The Site Builder: site builder enables you to create new websites (either free or purchased domain) in less than 1 minute (30 seconds).

-The Site Domains: from here, you can manage the different domains you’ve got registered on Wealthy Affiliate. Here is what you can do:

+Check on your hosting status,

+Check on your privacy status,

+Add a subdomain,

+Transfer a domain you already own to Wealthy Affiliate.

-The Site Comments: 

This is a freaking powerful tool!

You can offer comments to members with niches that interest you, and in return, members that are interested in your niche comment on your website.

Simple, effective and helps you get some REAL interaction on your website, which is good for SEO and your site health.

I’ve never seen something like this one anywhere else.

-The Site Feedback: Suspicious about your site’s look? Not sure if your content is good enough? or you just want to know what others think of your website.

Then site feedback is the right place for you to be.

You get to ask for other people’s feedback on your site, and of course, you give your feedback on their’s in return.

It makes you feel more confident to know what impression your site leaves on the visitors, plus knowing if you’re going on the right track.

-The Site Support: This is where to come when you have technical problems with your website (can’t upload an image, an error message is showing up, can’t add something….)

 This is the process,

After you submit the ticket, the answer never takes more than 15mins to arrive.

The support guys are literally “LIFESAVERS”, 

They know how to do what they do, and they always protect you from living these horror moments when you think your website is no more functioning, hacked or inaccessible.

This is the most responsive and understanding service I have ever stumbled upon.

If there is anything I can say about this pack of website accessories, it would simply be, PERFECT!!

Things became hot in here, and what’s coming is only gonna give it more gas to burn!

4-The private access to Kyle & Carson: 

Yes, really private!

This time we’re not talking about stumbling upon them in the Live Chat or in some comments thread. No.

It’s more like messaging something in the lines of, “Dear Kyle, I’m having a problem setting up this … or… I could not fix that….”

And he’s like, “Hey dude! Here is what you should do … or…do not worry, we just fixed that for you…”

See what I’m talking about?

I don’t know how this sounds on your side of the planet, but when I first knew about it, I was like, “20 years of entrepreneurial and online marketing experience at my service….Nah! They must be kidding!”

When I went premium, it was the first thing I tried. And YES, once again, it turned out to be damn true!!

Oh, and I almost forgot!

As a member of the premium family, you’re also enabled to privately message all members of the community.

It might seem common, but let me tell you this,

At Wealthy Affiliate, experienced marketers are everywhere.

Well, not only marketers, but you can as well find:

-Web developers,


-MLM experts,

-FOREX experts,

-SEO experts

And the list goes on.

What am I pointing at?

The thing I’m trying to highlight here is that by having access to all these guys via private messages, you can grow your networking skills along with your contacts list in a diversity of fields.

After all, we all need an expert’s opinion at some point when stuff gets out of hand, don’t we?

Networking is a key component for online success, and I assure you that the premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to network effectively without you being aware of it!

Anyways, you certainly understood what I’m trying to say, so let’s get to the next Perk on the list,

5-The weekly interactive live video classes: 

Remember Jay from the First Phase of this review?

Yes, the Training Chief at Wealthy Affiliate, that’s the one.

Jay is a passionate marketer and a great teacher!

He presents Live Video classes every Saturday, and believe me, you want to miss none of these!


Their power is hardly believable, that you can actually get to the next level of your business just by assisting few of Jay’s pieces of training.

Not because he uses Alien tactics, not at all,


Because you have the chance to interact with him all along the class (which btw is anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes),

Plus, most of the time he does live walkthroughs to what he’s talking about, so there are no ambiguities left for you.

Jay has more than 10 years of experience as an online marketer, now, imagine being able to interact with him in a Q&A form every single week!!

Premium members, here, at Wealthy Affiliate, are being well taken care of.

Live classes don’t exactly fit in your schedule? You miss them all the time?

Don’t worry, Wealthy Affiliate got you covered, again.

For every Live Class, there is a replay available in the two days to come.

In fact, and due to that policy, a huge library of Live classes exist at the Wealthy Affiliate’s premium membership,

Well, I don’t know about you,

But if I had stumbled upon such an opportunity years ago, and I was capable of paying the 49$/Mth (which is btw only 1.64$/day), I would’ve gone premium right away.

However, we’re still not done with this review, and the list still has a lot more value in it within.

6-Full access to all the Premium Training, certification courses, and Bootcamp phases: 

You now can get the rest of what got you started on the free membership,

Certification courses all together are truly a roadmap towards a successful online business.

Folks who reach the fifth level are sure to have a well-established website, monetized, and made to endure time.

Plus all the marketing experience you get while going from a level to the next.

Within each course, there are 10 lessons.

As I already pointed it out on the previous phase of this review,  all the lessons are applicable, containing video walkthroughs and at the end of each, there’s a To Do list that guides you through the execution process.

Nothing complicated, and all step by step!

I’ll not bore you with discussing all courses in details, but here, I’ll give you an example of how they’re structured through an overview of the 3rd level course,

Here is the set of lessons:

Here’s what you’ll learn:

The paid membership at Wealthy Affiliate is a sea of relevant knowledge and useful tools.

Mentioning everything is a really hard task and a bad idea as the list could get pretty long and turn to be without taste instead of being a concise and enjoyable read.

I did my best to share the main features of this membership, and I guess by now, you guys have enough knowledge about What is the wealthy affiliate premium membership about, making you fully capable of making the right decision.

Crab! I almost forgot once again!!

On the previous part of this review, I made a promise to serious fellows among you that I’ll be offering a discount on the first month for those who decide to go premium.

So, here is the deal.

Instead of 49$, I’m giving it to you for only 19$. Make sure you click on this link.

I’m taking the 30 dollars off your first month in order to make you feel even more comfortable and to give you a, somehow, concrete chance to go and try how it feels like being a premium member.

By the way, the offer is only for the first 70 clickers, so I’d recommend you NOT to take hours thinking about this as you’ll be left behind for the 49$ offer, (I would cry if that happens to me! Lol)

As I said, make sure you click on this the highlighted “link” word above, because if you don’t, you’ll end up with the 49$ offer.

I hope this discount made it a bit easier for you.

I really appreciate anyone who’s serious about his online business, and I DO know how it feels not wanting to spend your money on something that is new.

Anyways, just one last request I have for you guys,

When you join the community and experience its real value, please come back here, and let others know what your experience was like by leaving a comment below where you share your own version of what is the wealthy affiliate premium membership about 😉

I’ll let you with a video by my Wealthy Affiliate friend Lynne Huysamen and founder of Small Online Business Opportunity. She’s talking about here success with Wealthy Affiliate. Enjoy!

Of course, any thoughts, questions or concerns you might have are welcomed as well on the comments section.

Just write it down and I’ll get back to you ASAP 🙂

To your success,



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