What is the wealthy affiliate university about?

Most new online marketers who stumbled upon this affiliate program have been wondering, what is the Wealthy Affiliate University about

More than that, questions like is the Wealthy Affiliate University a scam? is it worth trying? and who’s running it from behind the scenes? has been asked over and over again around the web.

Well, hold on there for a minute my dear friend, telling you what is the Wealthy Affiliate University about and answering all those questions is the main reason that made me write this review.

First off, here is a general overview:


-Product’s Name:
Wealthy Affiliate
-Field of Use:
Online University (Specialised in affiliate marketing)
-Owner(s)/Creator(s) :
Kyle & Carson
 12 Years! (Since 2005)
-Count of Members:
 700,000+ (Yes! seven hundred thousand)
-Tried/Not yet:
-Site’s look:
-Affiliate Program:
-Memberships and Prices:
Starter Membership: 0$
(lifetime access)
Premium Membership:
-Monthly: 49$/Mth
-Yearly:   359$/Mth
You’ll tell me at the end 😉

And here is a quick video giving the general impression of the online community on Wealthy Affiliate. (the video is a bit old, that’s why it says 100,000)

Now that you have some basic knowledge about the program, let me help you understand more!


The way it sounds:

Wealthy Affiliate is an online program made for the obvious purpose of helping its members becoming wealthy through affiliate marketing.

In fact:

It is a sort of an online university that offers you the opportunity to learn all about online marketing under the simple condition of being able to handle a computer.

Wealthy Affiliate University Logo

So for now, let’s say it’s for noobs.

The concept:

Kyle and Carson, the co-founders of this website believe that they have created a community made of both experienced and fresh starting online marketers. The purpose of this community is dragging you towards success.

If it is really how they pretend it to be, I’d say that this Wealthy Affiliate is strongly based on the well-known “Law of Attraction”, (at least it makes sense to me..)

The law of attraction and the Wealthy Affiliate University

Think it this way. Being a member of a community full of like-minded people among which you can find successful Gurus, as well as fresh starters (all seeking success), will provide you with a source of positive energy, help you acquire an entrepreneurial attitude and thus taking you towards the success you’ve been looking for. (you’ll have to get your ass off to work of course!)

The bottom line:

If the concept proves to be as the founders promised and the community is really interactive and helpful as they describe it to be, I think that this program would be a good opportunity for newcomers to this line of business.

From personal experience, I can tell you guys that there is nothing better than having someone by your side when facing hard times during your online journey.

Guidance, advice and especially precious drops of experience through socializing and interaction with others can make your trip towards success richer, easier, funnier and the most important of all, faster.

Now, I guess you’re no longer wondering “What is Wealthy Affiliate ?”


You must be thinking, “Who are the people making all these promises? Don’t I have the right to know a bit about who are the folks offering me this program?”

Well, my friend, this website has no problems about sharing the identity of the people making it work.

You should know that most programs aka “scams” aren’t kind enough to share that! Which is a good sign so far!

That being said, let me introduce you to:


The purpose of this paragraph is to give you a clear idea about the people you’ll be dealing with if you ever decided to join.

-Let’s start off with the co-founders of the community: (click on pics to get the full size)



Kyle the co-founder of the Wealthy Affiliate University


Carson the co-founder of the Wealthy Affiliate University

They are the builders of Wealthy Affiliate. Together they’re called Kyle&Carson and they both insist that they are interactive within their community and willing to help you personally (Which sounds COOL!! btw).

-Then there is the rest of the team:




If you’d ask me, all these guys seem to know how success feels like and they look like individuals who can and would really help.

All I’m saying is that through reading what they have to say, they earned my respect.

By this point, I guess you have enough knowledge about this program and the people behind it.

Wealthy Affiliate has 12 years in the field and seems to keep growing all the time. I mean look at that huge 700,000+ members!

They even update their content and try to keep up with the tech evolution,

Some statistics on the Wealthy Affiliate University

But anyways, we still don’t know if Wealthy Affiliate is really holding to its promises, and if it really provides anything of what is mentioned above. (although it seems pretty honest and clean.)

Honesty is the best policy

Hence, there is no point of judging it so early, instead, let us proceed with our investigation to find out more and answer the million dollar question:” is the Wealthy Affiliate University a scam?”

So here is the thing,

Since Wealthy Affiliate is a website with two different membership levels, I’ll do my best breaking it down for you to make this study as thorough as possible.

I’m going to discuss each of the memberships apart.

There will be two other phases for this review,

The Second Phase will discuss the Starter Membership (the free one) of Wealthy Affiliate.

I’m gonna take you through every little aspect of this latter, highlighting all that you should know, what features you’ll have FULL access to as a starter and tell you at the end if it has any real value in it for you and should you bother registering even if it’s for free!

The Third Phase will be reserved for the Premium Membership (49$/Mth worth) of Wealthy Affiliate.

Through this phase, our main concern will be answering the following questions, “Is the value offered worth the 49$/Mth? What are people saying about it and in which cases you should go for it?”

After all, not everyone can afford 49$/Mth, unless it has a value that’ll make you consider taking the money out of your pocket.

At the end,

There will be a little surprise for those of you who are really serious about their online businesses.

Trying to hold ME from spoiling it for you 😉 (Run away!!)

Just make sure you reach the third phase of this review, and you’ll find out for yourself.

Are we cool?

Let’s Roll Off then to the Second Phase:


 What is the 0$ Starter Membership all About?

I hope by now you have a clear answer for what is the Wealthy Affiliate University about and I believe you’ll find the second and third phase detailed enough to help you make a final choice in what concerns this online University.

Feel free to comment and share whatever thoughts you might have, and I’ll personally get back to you ASAP!

You might as well share your experience with Wealthy Affiliate if you’ve already been there,

Don’t forget to share this if you found it useful 😉

Keep it up,






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